conscientious rap

conscientious rap
Rap music with lyrics that emphasize responsibility and morality.
conscientious rapper n.
conscientious rapping pp.
Example Citations:
The increasing interest in conscientious rap is likely the result of teenage fans — who cross all ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries — being savvier today about world events and the differences between art and life, said Quincy Newell, president and CEO of Newell Media Group, a California-based urban music and marketing company.
"Consumers gravitate toward sensationalism," Newell said. "But what has been fascinating is that in spite of the corporate dollars that have pushed gangsta rap all these years, conscientious rap has survived. Now it's thriving."
— James H. Burnett III, "New generation tilts to more poetic rap," The Miami Herald, November 23, 2005
Seems to me one of the Best Bet entertainment bets tonight is at The Funny Bone in Eastland Place. Several local poets and musicians have joined forces to create Soul Life Wednesdays, an evening of poetry, spoken word, some comedy, "conscientious rap" and R&B — and best of all, if the interest is there, this will be a staple at the Bone every Wednesday.
— Rebecca Coudret, "Getaway Wednesday," The Evansville Courier, June 9, 2004
Earliest Citation:
Breeze says he's sick of people asking, "Why do you black people always talk about violence?" He adds that rappers talk about everything, but the A&R people often pick up on gangsta lyrics. The companies that choose what to promote often aren't run by blacks. There's politically minded, conscientious rap, reality rap and comedy rap that's all just as good, but it's not put out by major labels.
— Neil Gladstone & Noreen Mallory, "Bad Rap?," Philadelphia, February 1, 1996
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